Geographical position: Albania is situated in South Eastern Europe, along he Adriatic and Ionian seas. Its total border length is 1094 km, out of which 316 km is coastline, 657 km is boundaries, 48 km are rivers and 73 km are akes. Albania shares borders with Montenegro and Kosovo to the North, Macedonia to Northeast as well as Greece to the south and has the Adriatic and Ionian seas to the west.

Area: 28.748

Population: 3.500.000.

Population density:109.4 par

Local time: GTM +1

Country code: +355

Capital city: Tirana, population over 700.000

Airport: Rinas ( Mother Teresa)

Climate: Albania has a Mediterranean climate and is characterized by hot dry summers, bright sunny days and mild winters with abundant rainfalls. The period from June to September is hot, while from October to May it is cool and wet.

Language: The official language is Albanian, which is a branch of Indo-European family of languages. Political System: Albania is a Parliamentarian Republic.

Flag description: The national flag of the Republic of Albania represents a black bicephalous eagle with open wings situated in the middle of a red background. Religion: There are three official religions in Albania: Muslim, Orthodox and Catholic.

Currency Exchange: Currency is Lek. The exchange rate is about 1 Euro=137 Lek with light slight variations.

Credit Cards: American Express, Dinners Club and Visa, are accepted by banks and several hotels. Travelers Checks are accepted by banks and some large hotels. However, most bills are paid in cash or travelers checks Albania